All About The Juul: How It Works & How It's Made

Where Juuls Are Made

Juul products are designed in San Francisco and manufactured domestically and internationally under the supervision of Pax Labs’ talented engineering team. From drawing board to creation, the award-winning design and engineering teams at San Francisco based Pax Labs, Inc. oversees production of all Juul products. They supervise to ensure quality production and that proper protocol is being followed.

Quality Assurance Process

Pax has successfully merged responsive design with smart technology and high-quality materials to produce each piece. Consistent improvements and adjustments are part of Pax Labs’ culture, and it's shown in all of their manufacturing, assembly and treatment methods. The company also works with established and talented vendors from around the world to complete manufacturing and assembly processes. The Pax Labs engineering team ensures all parts are compliant with international and US safety and quality standards like Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). The many parts also go through extensive testing and inspection at Pax Labs, Inc.

Deconstructing The Juul

The Juul aluminum shell encases a Lithium-Ion battery, a circuit board and a pressure sensor, separate from the vapor path and liquid. There are a few magnets at the base of the device that holds the device securely in place while connected to the magnetic USB charging dock.

Deconstructing The JuulPod

The Juulpods are made of heat resistant, food-grade plastics, a stainless steel vapor path and an industry standard silica wick and nichrome coil heater. The atomizer comes contained inside Juulpods, which carries proprietary Juulsalts, an e-liquid formula based on nicotine salts rather than freebase nicotine. The main benefit of using the Juulsalts is that you get a nice, fresh coil in each pod so you don’t have to replace it, and no setup is required.

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