Blast Off With The Galaxy Juul Skin from HypeWraps

Galaxy Juul Skin Juul Wrap

Space: The Final Frontier

Since the dawn of man, we’ve been infatuated with the darkness and stars that surround our planet at night. Studying the cosmos has been around since about the 4th century B.C, starting with the ancient Greeks like Plato and Aristotle. Today, the fate of space exploration is in the hands of the ultra-rich: people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos aim to privately explore and possibly colonize different planets among our solar system in our lifetime. Furthermore, with the June 18th, 2018, announcement of the newest branch of the US Military, dubbed the “Space Force”, people are interested in the stars more than ever. And thus, the Galaxy Juul Skin, exclusive to, was born.

The Galaxy Craze Is Here To Stay

From phones to backpacks, hats to gaming consoles, the Galaxy print is proudly worn by those interested in astrology and the cosmos. Remember the Nike Galaxy Foamposite sneakers? Released with a price tag of $240 in 2012, those sneakers quickly rose to well over $1000 in value, where they currently sit. In terms of fashion, the Galaxy foams skyrocketed the print into the mainstream.

Whether these people are hypebeasts, Zodiac sign junkies or astronauts in the making, they love showing people their spacey affinity, and of course, in most cases, talking about the cosmos. Famous astrologists like Neil Degrasse Tyson and the late, great Stephen Hawking further feed the interest of Space heads through books, videos, and films that explore the very nature of what’s perplexed man for millennia. Through social media, astrologists and government or private space organizations are getting more attention than ever in the mainstream, and further sparking the popularity of this now classic design.

Protect Your Juul In Intergalactic Style

Space lovers that also love the Juul E-Cigarette can look no further than the Galaxy Juul Skin from Show off your love for the stars, or, simply the pretty colors, on the back of your trusty E-cig. Juul Skins from HypeWraps protect the device from scratches, dings, and other general wear and tear that occurs from daily use. Additionally, lose that boring old graphite, blue, gold, or silver color that everybody and their mother has on their Juul. Printed in Sunny Miami Beach, Florida, on high-quality American made vinyl, is the originator of vinyl applications for the Juul device. Take your love for space and the Juul to the next level with the Galaxy Juul Skin from HypeWraps.

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