Cash Out With The Blue Hundreds Juul Skin From HypeWraps

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Franklins, Bucks, Big Ones, Blue Faces, Dough, C-Notes... everybody loves money! If you've got a lot or a little, it seems that nobody can ever get enough of that sweet, sweet cash. Like the rest of the country, HypeWraps loves the way a crisp, blue hundred dollar bill looks and feels in the hand. That's why we had to make a wrap especially for those people that can't get ole Benji off their mind...

Hundreds money juul skin juul wrap

Honoring Ben Franklin 

Benjamin Franklin is one of the founding fathers of the United States. While he was never president, he was heavily involved in the politics and structure of the Revolution-Era United States, and in turn, modern American society. He was an avid inventor that introduced things to the world like electricity, bi-focal glasses, and even the glass harmonica, a musical instrument played worldwide. The treasury of the United States introduced the idea of celebrating Ben Franklin on what is now the highest denomination of currency in the country over a hundred years ago in 1914, and since then, he's become synonymous with big money when Americans think of this founding father. Just like the U.S treasury continues to celebrate this great person, we're glad to celebrate his inventions and innovation on our Blue Hundreds Juul Skin. 

Introducing The Blue Hundreds Juul Skin From HypeWraps

Our Blue Hundreds Juul Skin is directly inspired by the "new" US hundred dollar bill that entered circulation in 2013. Since it's introduction about half a decade ago, the blue US hundred dollar bill has become one of the most iconic bank notes in the modern world. American hip-hop and rap music have popularized this specific note around the world, and we're glad to be able to offer it as a customization option for your trusty Juul e-cigarette device. Let people know what gets you talking everytime you rip your Juul with the Blue Hundreds Juul Skin From HypeWraps. 


Protect Your Juul In High Roller Style With The Blue Hundreds Juul Skin

HypeWraps is the originator of customization options for the Juul e-cig device. All of our wraps and skins are printed on the highest quality American-Made vinyl possible in sunny Miami Beach, Florida. Our designs are unique, one-of-a-kind, and offer different styles to match the specific tastes of anybody. Want something different? Use our custom wrap tool to make the HypeWraps of your dreams. Protect YOUR Juul in YOUR style with  


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