Choose 2 New Colors Of Carbon Fiber Juul Skins From HypeWraps

Our fans love the original black Carbon Fiber Juul Skin for its unique texture and sleek style... now, those that enjoy the brighter side of life can also enjoy the unique texture of Carbon Fiber on their Juul. Durability, luxury, and protection are just a few of the attributes associated with the material that is carbon fiber. Now, Juul users with a love for sports cars and going fast can wrap their device in the state of the art, cutting-edge material in 2 new unique colorways. 

Go Fast WIth The Red Carbon Fiber Juul Skin 

Red is a color strongly associated with sports cars, due to supercar brands like Ferrari and Bugatti often sporting a striking candy red. Thanks to HypeWraps, you can enjoy the unique texture and protection that our classic carbon fiber wrap but now in classic sports car style. Protect your Juul in true sports car style with the Red Carbon Fiber Juul skin, new to

Stay Suave With The Blue Carbon Fiber Juul Skin 

Blue is a gentler tone compared to the striking red of the aforementioned Red Carbon Fiber Juul skin, but Blue still provides a unique and classic style that looks great with the textured carbon fiber. Totally change the way your Juul looks and feels with the Blue Carbon Fiber Juul Skin from HypeWraps

Protect Your Juul In Your Favorite Carbon Fiber Style With provide the highest quality customization solutions for the Juul e-cigarette on the market. We're the originators of the vinyl Juul application, and our experience has allowed us to develop the longest lasting and most durable wrap around. offers a number of styles that will meet the tastes of any Juul user. Protect your Juul in your style with


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