Flex With The Off-White Jordan Sneaker Juul Skin

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Off-White Juul Skins Juul Wraps

HypeWraps is always in the know when it comes to the hottest streetwear brands being rocked today. Our love for the streetwear game has led us to introduce our newest wrap to the market: the Off-White Jordan Sneaker Juul Skin. If you think you know streetwear, then you’re no stranger to the newest craze among celebrities, rappers, and hypebeasts: Off-White.

The Clash Of Two Streetwear Titans

The Air Jordan brand is undeniably legendary when it comes to the streetwear game, and has been since they first dropped in 1985. Since then, it seems that the love for the Jordan name has become stronger than ever. As streetwear evolves, so does Jordan, and this Off-White collab is a further example of how Air Jordan sticks with the trends.

For those that don’t know, Off-White is the brainchild of long-time Kanye collaborator Virgil Abloh. Born to Ghanaian immigrant parents, Abloh's story is one of the American dream. What started with a degree from the University Of Wisconsin and an internship along Kanye West at Fendi, stands with the fashion mastermind as Louis Vuitton’s creative director and owner of his own multi-million dollar company. Since Off-White’s founding in 2012, the company has collaborated with Levi, Jimmy Choo, IKEA, and now, Air Jordan.

HypeWraps: Bringing Off-White x Jordan To The Juul with the Off-White Jordan Sneaker Juul Skin

Now, you can proudly flaunt your love for all things Off-White x Jordan with the Off-White Jordan Sneaker Juul Skin, exclusively from HypeWraps.com. We’ve got an eye for trends, and we know what’s hype. Team HypeWraps are diehard streetwear fanatics as well, and that’s why we’re ecstatic to bring this new wrap to our fans and to wear it on our own Juuls. HypeWraps is the originator of the Juul skin, and that’s why we create the highest quality product on the market. Our vinyl applications are printed on high-quality American vinyl in sunny Miami Beach, FL. Wear your favorite designer brand on your Juul with HypeWraps.com.

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