Have The Juul Of Your Dreams With Custom Juul Skins From HypeWraps

Have The Juul You’ve Always Wanted

HypeWraps new Custom Juul Skin tool allows you to upload your own image and see exactly how it would look like as a one-of-a-kind Juul skin. From your favorite sports team to your favorite picture of you and your dog, you can upload anything you could imagine to our Custom Juul Skin tool to create the Juul you’ve always wanted. Thousands have already used our Custom Juul Skin tool to create wraps with pictures and graphics that you would never imagine. We don’t judge - whatever you’d like to wear on the back of your Juul is fine with us!

Using The Custom Juul Skin Tool Is Simple

If you’d like to create a custom skin for your Juul, simply head over to HypeWraps.com and select “Create Your Own” from the bar underneath the HypeWraps logo.

Once there, click the “Customize” button and begin creating the perfect Juul Skin for you!

Simply upload your image of choice and use our handy Juul Skin Builder tool to make sure the wrap will look exactly how you envisioned once it’s completed.

Great Value For A Great Price!

When you order a Custom Juul Skin from HypeWraps, you’ll get not just one, but two custom skins for your Juul! Give one to a friend or hold onto it for your spare Juul or in the event you lose your current Juul. At the low price of $16.99, get your hands on a Juul skin - created and designed entirely by you - has never been easier.

HypeWraps Is The Pinnacle Of High-Quality Juul Skins

When it comes to skins and wraps for the JUUL e-cigarette, HypeWraps is the original creator of the product. Our high-quality, American-made Vinyl is printed on, in-house in Sunny Miami Beach, Florida. Create a custom Juul Skin or shop our huge selection of designer and pop-culture Juul Skins at HypeWraps.com.

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