How The Juul Changed My Life: 5 Stories From Former Cigarette Smokers

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While the Juul may be a new and trendy nicotine vaporizing device, it’s much more for people that use the device to quit smoking cigarettes. Using the device for this purpose is often overlooked. That’s why here at JuulWraps, we wanted to remind people of the true beauty of the Juul, and how it’s changed people’s lives for the better.


“I started smoking at 13. To be honest, I can't even pin the blame on peer pressure. Maybe it was my teenage desire to rebel; maybe I just wanted to look cool. I'm not sure why I started, but I know that I've never been able to stop. And I haven't had a day without a cigarette in at least 14 years. I've owned four e-cigarettes over the past three years, and despite my efforts to transition to vaping full-time, none of them have been able to replace tobacco for me. They have nonetheless been a good supplement, filling in when I'm unable because it's forbidden, to smoke the real thing. But now Pax Labs, the company behind the vaporizer of the same name, which claims it's solved all my e-cigarette issues with its first attempt, $50 Juul. An analogy I fell upon for where Juul fits in is the dreaded Nespresso machine. Laughed at by those who obsess over their "real" espresso machines and high-tech presses, it delivers a consistently good experience, way better than you'd get with a spoonful of Folgers instant in the morning, and way more convenient than a full-blown pump. That's Juul in a nutshell -- a beautifully designed system that gets close enough to the real thing for me to settle for the convenience. Nespresso begrudgingly won me over years ago, and Juul has won me over in just a week. I’m going to stick with the Juul because it’s already helping me smoke fewer cigarettes than I used to.”


In just 2 months of using the Juul, Seth did something he never thought he could do and this is his story. Born in Jacksonville, Tennessee, Seth has been a heavy cigarette smoker since the tender age of 14. Seth’s mother used to smoke around him all the time as a kid so he kind of just picked it up. When asked if he’s tried quitting before he said “I’ve tried many vapes and alternative nicotine delivery products but always went back to smoking within a couple days. One time I tried to ‘cold turkey’ it and that was hell. I found myself scratching and not being able to relax until finally, I smoked another cigarette. About 2 months ago I got my Juul in the mail and started using it. At first, it was annoying and didn’t really feel like it was doing much, but I slowly started to notice that I wasn’t having that constant need for a cigarette. Today it's been one whole week since I’ve had a cigarette and I’ve never felt better! Unfortunately, I'll be relying on my Juul until I can get off the nicotine for good, but hey I'm happy. I’m even thinking about buying my mom one.” Seth went from smoking 3 packs of reds a week to one full week without a cigarette thanks to his Juul! While Seth is content, he isn’t stopping here, Seth plans to quit nicotine entirely by moderating his use of the Juul.


Born the eldest of 3 sons and growing up in an orthodox Islamic household, Ahmed has always been held to a higher standard by his parents. He was about 15 when he smoked his first cigarette and claims he was instantly hooked. “After I finished coughing my lungs out from the first drag I got very lightheaded. But the weird thing was that I actually enjoyed it.” Since then the now 19-year-old Ahmed has been smoking cigarettes on almost a daily basis up until early March of 2017. “My dad caught me smoking.” he said, “It was pretty bad and he hasn’t let me hear the end of it. He told me that if I didn’t quit by the time I was 20 he would kick me out and disown me. That’s when I found out about the Juul pen from one of my friends and I instantly ordered one. Best choice I ever made. Now I don’t even think about smoking and I’m not constantly spending money on packs of cigarettes a week and my dad finally got off my back.” The Juul pen helped Ahmed reduce his intake of nicotine, save some money every week, and stay in his parents’ house.


“My whole family smokes. My mom, dad, older sister and even my grandparents. So I never really thought much of it when I started smoking. After about a month I started to get really bad. I was smoking 5 ‘cigs’ a day and when I couldn’t buy them I just bummed one off of my mom or dad. I never felt the need to quit because no one in my family had cancer so I figured I was good you know? Then one day I was coughing real bad. I mean I was wheezing and spitting and out what looked like oil from a well! That happened about a week before I turned 17 so I asked my mom to buy me a vape. When she gave me the Juul I was confused because I never heard of them before and honestly I didn’t think it was going to work. At first, I would use it a few times but still smoked a ‘cig’ too. Now I don’t even think about cigarettes anymore! I haven’t coughed up the oil spit since the last time, and I even got my sister to buy a Juul too. Now let’s see if I can get my parents to stop.”


Mikasa is 27 years old and works as a bartender in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She’s been smoking habitually since she was 18 and has never tried to quit before. Her mother was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer in May of 2016. “When she told me I was so heartbroken I didn’t know how to react. I couldn’t even say anything. My poor mother has never picked up a cigarette in her life,” says Mikasa, “The only time she was around smoke was whenever we went out together. I can’t forgive myself and she just keeps telling me not to worry.” After a week went by Mikasa ordered a Juul pen online and threw out all her lighters and packs of cigarettes. “When it came in the mail I felt like a kid on Christmas. It had been 5 days since I smoked and I was about to break. I started using it and I was shocked at how much it felt like an actual cigarette, only less smelly. After a couple weeks of using the Juul, I stopped wanting real cigarettes. My mom was so happy. She never liked me smoking anyways. Now it’s been a year and a half since I smoked and the doctor just told us my mother’s cancer has gone into regression!”

The Juul device has the capability to completely change a cigarette smoker’s life for the better. Convenience, discretion, and better feelings are just a few of the benefits that the Juul can provide compared to cigarettes.

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