Make Your Juul Timeless With The Marble Juul Skins From HypeWraps

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Black And White Marble Juul Skins Juul Wraps JuulWraps HypeWraps

A Brief History Of Marble

Marble has been used to craft statues and monuments for millennia. The word itself comes from the Ancient Greeks, who called the stone mármaros, which roughly translates to "crystalline rock" or "shining stone". In Ancient Greece, Marble was used creating bust statues of leaders and politicians as a sign of honor and respect. Many of these are famous works of art were replicated, and a marble bust statue became one of the highest signs of respect for notable people for hundreds, if not thousands of years after the heyday of the Ancient Greeks.

At HypeWraps, our team has a love for modern art like fashion and music, as well as historical art like statues and paintings. That's why we decided to design and release a little something to make the Juul appear more timeless... the Black Marble and White Marble Juul skins from HypeWraps.  

Take Your Appreciation For Timeless Art To The Next Level With Marble Juul Skins From HypeWraps

We chose to create 2 colors for the Marble Juul Skins to fit the style of any diehard art appreciator out there. Whether you're a fan of the slick look of black marble or the heavenly look of the white marble, you can find a marble Juul skin to fit your specific tastes and style. These entirely unique Juul skins look totally different than any of the other skins for Juul that we've released. From Ancient Greece to your Juul - that's the vision behind the marble Juul skins from JuulWraps. 


Protect Your Juul In Art Appreciating Style With The Black Marble and White Marble Juul skins from HypeWraps

HypeWraps is the originator of vinyl customization applications for the Juul e-cig device. Our wraps are made of high quality, American-made vinyl and printed in Sunny Miami Beach, Florida. Competitor products have proven to be cheaply made, imported or otherwise of inferior quality. That's why HypeWraps is the industry leader in customization solutions for Juul and Phix. Protect your Juul in your style with

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