Pull Up In Something New With The Race Car Bundle From HypeWraps

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Do you have an affinity for high-power Italian Supercars? Love the sleek look of Carbon Fiber? If you answered yes to these questions, then HypeWraps has just the Juul skin bundle for you - the Race Car Bundle, exclusive to HypeWraps.com. Whether you have two Juuls, want to get something dope for you and a friend, or you just like to change it up every once in a while, our Race Car Bundle comes with 2 super-clean skins for Juul. 

Turn Your Juul Into A Foreign With The Ferrari Juul Skin 

Skrt! Skrt! Everybody knows the iconic yellow Ferrari emblem and the classic Rosso Corsa, or "racing red" colorway that dresses some of the most cutting-edge and high-end supercars in the world. In honor of the legendary brand, HypeWraps dropped the Ferrari Juul skin for all those foreign heads that can't get enough of that classic Ferrari look. Wrap your Juul in Italian horsepower with the Ferrari Juul Skin, exclusive to HypeWraps.com

Keep A Low Profile With The Carbon Fiber Juul Skin 

Carbon Fiber is known in the world of super-cars for its weight reducing and incredibly durable properties. Carbon fibers have been used for a variety of applications since the 1860s, but its primary application in modern times is for use in parts for airplanes, space crafts, and of course, foreign whips. This one-of-a-kind textured Juul wrap will give your trusty Juul e-cig a satisfying feeling that you'll love to hold in your hand. Protect your Juul in sleek, carbon fiber style with the Carbon Fiber Juul Skin from HypeWraps

Protect Your Juul In Your Style With HypeWraps

HypeWraps is the originator of customization and protection solutions for the Juul e-cig device. Our wraps are printed on the highest quality American made vinyl in sunny Miami Beach, Florida. We offer styles to meet the taste of any Juul user, and our products make your Juul look totally unique! Pick up the Race Car Bundle, an individual wrap, or even make your own Juul skin on HypeWraps.com. Protect your Juul in your style with HypeWraps


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