Roll Up With Backwoods Juul Skins From HypeWraps

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Over 35 years ago, a smoking legend was born... Backwoods Cigars were introduced to the scene in 1981 but didn't become the worldwide phenomenon we know today until the mid-2000s. In 2019, Backwoods are synonymous with rolling up and smoking down. In celebration of Team HypeWraps' favorite smoking apparatus, we're glad to bring our customers the Backwoods Juul Skins, exclusive to Smokers and pop culture fans alike know the iconic honeycomb design that has made Backwoods famous, and that's why we added it to your trusty Juul e-cig. 

Go With A Classic Smoke When You Pick The Honeyberry Backwood Juul Skin

Honeyberry is arguably the worlds favorite flavor of Backwood, and its iconic packaging design is no exception. Shirts, phone cases, and backpacks have been plastered with this logo, so why not your Juul? The purple honeycomb design fits the Juul well and has quickly become one of our most requested and asked about wraps. Wrap your Juul in iconic Backwoods style with the Honeyberry Backwoods Juul Skin, exclusive from


Brighten Up Your Juul With The Honey Backwood Juul Skin 

Honey Backwoods offer a more neutral flavor for those that don't enjoy the sweetness that comes with the Honeyberry Backwood. Prefer the classic Honey Backwood, or simply like yellow more than purple? Our Honey backwood Juul skin is perfect for you. The yellow honeycomb looks natural, and when fitted to the Juul device, looks incredibly clean. Our customers love the Honey Backwood Juul skin, making it one of our most popular wraps along with our Honeyberry Backwood Juul skin. Take your love for backwoods above and beyond with the Honey Backwood Juul skin, only available at, or any of our brick & mortar retailers

Protect Your Juul In Your Style With HypeWraps

HypeWraps offers a number of customization solutions for the Juul e-cig and is the originator of vinyl customization applications for the device. We offer the highest quality product on the market and the only Juul skin that is printed on American-made vinyl in sunny Miami Beach, Florida. Protect your Juul in any style you like, or create your own skin with

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