Show Off Your Street Style With The "Supreme" Simple Box Logo Juul Skin

HypeWraps takes streetwear fashion to the JUUL e-cigarette device, once again, with the “Supreme" Simple Box Logo Juul Skin. Fans of JuulWraps may have seen our other Supreme inspired designs, like the L.V x Preme Juul Skin, or our classic Supreme Wrap. These iconic Juul Skins have been calling the Juul’s of our fans home for just about a year now, and we’re glad that our fans like these skins as much as we do. We’re proud to announce that we’ve got another Supreme inspired Juul Skin for our fans to rock and enjoy….

Introducing the “Supreme” Simple Box Logo Juul Skin from HypeWraps

Whether you love skateboarding, streetwear fashion, music, or celebs, chances are you are fully aware of the cultural phenomenon that is Supreme. From Nunchucks to baseball bats, winter clothes and summer wear, Supreme makes EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, it seems that Supreme has allowed the ultra-popular Juul device fall by the wayside in terms of things that they can slap their world famous logo on. Luckily, HypeWraps is here to save the day once again, allowing you to deck out your Juul with that world famous box logo. Take your love for streetwear, fashion, and the Juul to a new level with the “Supreme” Simple Box Logo Juul Skin from HypeWraps.

HypeWraps - For The Love Of The Juul

Our wraps are printed on the highest quality, American-made vinyl, in Sunny Miami Beach, Florida. HypeWraps is the originator of vinyl applications for the Juul e-cig device, and are proud to offer the highest quality product in the industry. Shop the rest of our Juul skins and HypeWraps at

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