Smoking vs. Vaping: A Comparison For The Consumer

Juul Vs Cigarette

If you smoke tobacco products and are possibly considering vaping as an alternative, you should take a look at the facts about both. These facts should help make your decision much easier. Using a vape instead of smoking obviously has benefits, but the data below should make the choice even clearer.


When it comes to chemicals, it is a well-known fact that both tobacco and e-liquid both have chemicals in them that affect your body. The difference between the two is the sheer number of chemicals contained within them. A Juul or other similar vape has about 45 different types of chemicals in the e-liquid that gets vaporized. On the other hand, smoke from a cigarette has over 4,000 different chemicals including 42 known carcinogens and 400 other toxins. In layman’s terms, a cigarette has the same number of carcinogenic chemicals as a Juul has altogether. This simple fact alone should be enough to convince you to make the switch from tobacco products to a Juul for your smoking cessation. If putting chemicals into your body is something that you don’t like doing, then making the switch is something that you should definitely consider.

Health and Safety

Aside from the obvious chemical benefits of a Juul over tobacco products, a Juul has many safety advantages over traditional tobacco products and even other vapes as well. Tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars need to be exposed to an open flame, and this flame can be a safety hazard. Things such as hair and clothing can catch on fire, and burning cigarette butts can start wildfires if they are not properly disposed of. While a traditional vape is safer than the open flames of a cigar or cigarette, overcharged batteries can leak or even burst. In terms of safety, the Juul is on top. No open flames and no overcharged batteries mean that you can rest assured that you are safe.


Smoking cigarettes and cigars can be a very expensive habit. The average price of a pack of cigarettes in the united states is $6.16 after taxes. If you smoke one pack a day, your yearly costs would be $2,285 per year. This could change, however, as the more you smoke, the more addicted you become. One pack a day could turn into two, and the costs only get worse. A Juul, on the other hand, is a much less expensive investment. One pack of Juul pods is 16 dollars and contains 4 pods. These pods are each equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, and by doing some simple calculations it is easy to see that the savings are massive. Using one Juul pod a day, your annual costs are about $1,471, almost $1,000 cheaper than tobacco.

Choosing a Juul is the right choice if you are looking to stop smoking. In terms of price, safety, and content, a Juul is far superior to both tobacco products and traditional vapes. Make the switch today and help both your lungs and your wallet. Once you get your hands on a Juul, you can trust to offer customization options like Juul skins and Juul wraps at an affordable cost. 

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