Stroll Through The Garden With The Guxxi Snake Juul Skin

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This week in the HypeWraps blog, we're highlighting a pair of our most popular Juul wraps - the Guxxi Snake Juul Skins. These skins are inspired by the incredibly talked about and widely rocked Gucci Garden collection, which featured different embroidered animals reimagined in iconic Gucci style throughout the pieces. The different animals, including bees, butterflies, and of course, snakes, when featured on clothing, quickly became associated with Gucci once that collection was released. Other designers, like Givenchy and Balenciaga, quickly jumped aboard the nature train and released their own renditions of these styles. To show our love for one of Team HypeWraps' favorite brands of all time, we released two different colors of the Guxxi Snake Juul Skin

Pray On The Weak With The Sleek Black Guxxi Snake Juul Skin 

Our crisp, clean, Black Guxxi Snake Juul Skin features the iconic striking red Gucci snake on a solid black background. Like all of our Juul skins, the black Guxxi Snake Juul Wrap protects the Juul e-cig in designer style. Embrace the dark side with the Black Guxxi Snake Juul Skin from Juul Wraps. 

Protect The Den With The White Guxxi Snake Juul Skin 

Acting as the polar opposite of our Black Guxxi Snake Juul Skin, the White Guxxi Snake Juul Wrap is for those that want a brighter look on their e-cig. Blaring white mends beautifully with the undeniable red Gucci snake to create an exclusive, one of a kind wrap that protects your device in style. 

Protect Your Device In Designer Style With HypeWraps 

HypeWraps is the industry leader in wraps and skins for the Juul e-cigarette. Each one of our wraps is printed on American made vinyl in Sunny Miami Beach, Florida. Additionally, our skins allow you to protect your device from scratches and dings that occur during daily use in any style you can imagine. Just choose from one of our many designs, or create your own wrap with our Custom Juul Wrap tool. Protect your device in YOUR style with  

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