The Benefits of Applying a Juul Skin

benefits of applying a juul skin

For those that have a Juul, it is easy to see how plain these things are. Though they are great for everyday usage, the clean black metal finish can easily get boring. Along with that, these things are pretty vulnerable. Applying a Juul skin to your device can cover these stock boundaries and extend way beyond.

Juul Skins are a great way to switch up your Juul and make the experience just that much more satisfying. But what is it about these Juul vape skins that are worthwhile?


Who doesn’t love to customize? We are guilty of doing this every single day; whether it be our home, our cars, or the style of clothing we wear, adding some pizazz is there in some way. It gives us a creative outlet to show our true colors. Extending this luxury to your Juul is just another great way to portray your determination towards finesse.

This little device that chills in your pocket, on your desk, and frequents your hand deserves some brightening up. Though the original metal finish is a nice stock look, there is room for improvement. With a Juul skin, this is made possible.

With a variety of different skins (and much more to come), there are endless possibilities. From the Goyard to the Backwoods, to the marble finish, appealing to your sense of style and fashion is easy. Not only do different designs exist, but there are also other colorways to further your customization with your Juul.

Taking a look at some of our best sellers, like Rasta, Marble,420 prints and more, we’ve got you covered. Picking what design best suits you is easy, but maybe we don’t have a design you specifically want. Custom Juul skins are one thing we can help you out with. Want a picture of your dog? We can print that. Sport your favorite team, add your own design, and spice up your Juul experience! Maybe you want a dope design we simply don’t offer yet - get the wrap you're looking for with a custom wrap - click here to learn more about custom Juul skins. We will get back to you shortly and get the ball rolling.

Another great opportunity regarding customization is mixing and matching. If you are a little more creative and handy, you can easily combine more than one wrap to make a sweet design you can be proud of. Cutting them at different angles and sticking them on together is something you might be interested in. More power to you, go for it!


Something we may, unfortunately, have become accustomed to is dropping our Juuls. Some people drop theirs many times a day. It is easy to knock it off your table, forget it is on your lap, and fumble it around trying to avoid the fall. With these plummets comes scratch marks and scuffs that almost give your Juul a fingerprint. At this point, the only way to tell the difference between yours and your buddy’s is the scuffs it has acquired. We are all guilty of knowing our Juul just by the orientation of scratches, but if we didn’t have to worry about that we may have a better experience with it.

Juul Skins act as a shield. By this, it means that when it is applied there is protection against these dings. This is beneficial because you risk damaging your Juul every time you drop it. When it breaks, it can be a cost you don’t want to come across again - let alone waiting for a new one to ship.

Sometimes water comes your way. Juul vape skins give a little bit of protection to the surface and make it easy to wipe or clean off as well.

Some other protection comes with the warranty as well. It is better to keep a nice clean looking device when it comes to getting a replacement. Sending in a messed up looking Juul makes it look like you don't take care of it. When you have a wrap on, it preserves the integrity of the outer shell and keeps it looking pristine.

One other modification we have seen in the community is heating the Juul to make it appear another color. The problem with this is that the process of doing this is dangerous to you and your device. It's easy to catch something on fire or burn yourself, so in light of this, being careful can only go so far and we discourage the thought of this. Regarding the Juul itself, you can damage the internals by this process. Not only can you mess up the electronic aspects, but you can warp the metal as well. When taking apart the Juul, it never fits back in the same again. It can become loose even when being careful. This process also voids your warranty in two ways. They can tell when it has been tampered with and the exterior will show that you have done something you’re not recommended to do.

Using a Juul Skin is a great way to combat these possibilities. Along with protection and warranty preservation, it defeats the purpose of modifying it in any other way because you can make it look great with a wrap. Applying these wraps can potentially save you money and time!


Slapping one of these bad boys on there is super easy. The simplicity stems from the fact that it covers the edges and turns of the device perfectly. A template that hugs the Juul tightly and fits like a glove is essential to having a good looking vape. Sticking on is a breeze with the top of the line adhesive we have on our vinyl. The best feeling is knowing you have something that will last. The only thing you will have to change is pods because these wraps are here to stay.

What about seeing the battery levels and charging the device? We have got you covered on that one. A pre-cut hole for the Juul indicator light and a trimmed bottom edge account for your need to know. This keeps the light open for visuals and retains the intended use. Detecting your battery life and ease of charging capabilities is one thing we focused on. It is still possible to monitor your Juul and plop it on the charger when you apply a Juul Skin.

Noticing the design of the Juul skin points to another characteristic. The finish of each wrap is matted so you can get the same feeling you get with a naked Juul. Continuing to secure the natural feel is just another amazing quality these Juul vape skins have to offer.

Stick on a Juul Skin from HypeWraps!

The idea of having a custom Juul can make anyone excited. With benefits other than a beautiful looking Juul, like protection and preservation, applying a Juul Skin is a no-brainer. Pick a design, send in a request, and stick on your very own Juul Skin!

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