Why Do People Use The Juul Vaporizer?

The Purpose of Juul

The Juul vaporizer was invented with the sole purpose to serve as a cigarette smoking cessation aid. E-cigarettes, including the Juul vaporizer, function to deliver the user a hit of nicotine to reduce their cravings due that occur from withdrawal. The Juul vaporizer is a device that electronically delivers nicotine to its users by slowly heating up the liquid through a wick and coil system. PAX, the manufacturers of JUUL pens, claim their product is unique in comparison to other e-cigarette brands in that it uses “nicotine salts” instead of freebase nicotine. Pax states that this results in higher user satisfaction compared to its counterparts.  In addition, studies have found that because of the JUUL’s novel heating system, JUUL vaporizers produce far fewer carcinogens than competing products, causing some people to hail them as the “healthier” option compared to traditional cigarettes and other e-cigarette brands alike.

Nicotine Salts & Juul Pods

The Juul Pods use nicotine salts as opposed to freebase nicotine. They are also much more similar to what you’ll find in conventional cigarettes. The absorption rate closely matches that of smoking traditional cigarettes, and at the same time, it is deemed less potent than freebase nicotine of the same concentration. They use the standard recipe for e-juice, but add in some benzoic acid. Benzoic acid is a natural acid found in any tobacco plant. According to Pax Labs, this secret ingredient is what “makes the magic happen.” Ironically enough, this “magic” was made inside a lab by scientists with the sole purpose of helping those addicted to cigarettes break their dangerous habit. One Juul Pod’s nicotine content is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes and is good for 200 pulls. Currently there are only 4 flavors of pods available on the market, but Pax Labs has recently released a “Cool Cucumber” flavor in certain locations.


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