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USB Charger

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Buy yourself a USB charger to go along with your new Juul compatible skin. HypeWraps now distributes tiny, black USB chargers. With this essential puffing accessory, you’ll never have to worry about your favorite Ecig dying on you. As long as you keep your puffer charged you won’t have to risk the embarrassment that comes with taking a dry pull, especially out in public. Elude this potential shame and misfortune by simply buying a USB charger right here and now! With this product, we’re not just offering you convenience, we’re offering you the ability to completely avoid the dreadful dry pull.


Make the right decision, the wise decision. Here at HypeWraps, we’re aware of the imminent dangers that come with not owning a USB charger. We’ve witnessed many casual puffers and even some of our own suffer an arid, dry pull. One has to understand what this does to a person’s ego, it completely shatters the average puffer’s reality. Not only will the unfortunate puffer not get his fix of nicotine, but he’ll also deflect any potential conversations that were to be had. Some of the most common of symptoms are reoccurring thoughts of feeling inadequate and the constant need to overcompensate.


Do yourself a favor and choose to spare your dignity. There are not many people who can regain their social status amongst the local puffers after experiencing a dry pull. It's for this very reason that we took the initiative and added USB chargers to our broad selection of merchandise. HypeWraps is offering a high-quality charger that is compatible with any Juul device. It comes fully equipped with a magnetic charging port and can connect to any USB input. Each individual purchase of this product comes with one (1) Juul compatible USB charger. Purchase your Juul compatible USB Charger today!


  • Magnetic Charging Port
  • USB Connection
  • Compatible with all JUUL Devices
  • Includes one JUUL Charger

Our products and company are in no way directly affiliated with JUUL, nor licensed by JUUL.

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