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White Marble


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Naked Juuls seem to be everywhere. How can you tell one apart from the other? What makes yours any different than the next person’s (other than the orientation of your scratches)? Now you can customize your Juul with this White marble Juul wrap.

Keeping it classy is one of many sought-after styles. A marble Juul skin will cover you in this aspect. Think of how many people love the marble finish of their kitchens, floors, and other home characteristics. Marble is used in sculptures all over the world and is 100% an amazing art form. Applying marble vinyl to computers has already taken the community by storm. Why not wrap your Juul in it?

With this beautiful finish, your Juul will look great and retain the feeling it has always had. Wrapping your Juul will come with a lot of benefits other than looking the part. The top-notch adhesive will stick right to the metal and guard your Juul against scratches. Since these babies are prone to drops, it is nice to have some sort of safety net when you get up without realizing it is on your lap.

Sticking this marble Juul wrap on is not much of a job. Rather, it is made simple by cutting the vinyl tom the exact dimensions of the device itself. Accounting for every edge, a snug fit is easy to achieve. With cut-outs for the indicator light and a trimmed bottom edge, finding out your battery level and charging will be just as smooth as before.

HypeWraps makes it easy to tell your Juul from another. Let's face it, we think we lose our Juul ten times a day and they are easy to confuse with someone else’s. The different color marble finishes will give you the opportunity to stand out and spot your Juul from afar.

Having a classy White marble Juul wrap will not only look great, but it will feel great. Coming with some added protection and other benefits, the marble HypeWrap will show your style while you puff. Pick one of the dope marble colors and smack this wrap on your Juul. 

Make your Juul stand out with HypeWraps!
Premium glossy finish vinyl Juul wraps that protect and make your Juul look unique!
  • Trimmed bottom edge for easy charging access
  • Glossy finish 
  • Easy application 

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