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420 Print

420 Print

Juul Compatible

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Showing people what you love to do is an amazing feeling. Whether it be a hobby, a job, or something you do in your free time, showing your colors feels great. This 420 print Juul Wrap will help you on your journey of doing just that.

Trying to tell your Juul apart from others is a task. Comparing scratch marks and looking for scuffs is not a fun activity. Slapping on a Juul wrap defeats the need for doing this. With this Juul wrap comes the ease of standing out while looking dope! The iconic leaf print will project your love affair with some plant life and greenery. 

Extending your flair is just one of the many benefits of having a HypeWrap. Putting on a 420 print will add some protection to your device - combating scratch marks and scuffs. Who doesn’t drop their Juul five times a day, if not more? Having a wrap on it helps protect against dropping it from your lap. It also makes it easier to find when you lose it on the table or in plain sight!

The premier application method is one strong point to HypeWraps. With high-quality adhesive, this thing will claim its home on the metal surface. Perfectly cut edges will give you a clean, snug fit. What about charging and checking the battery level? HypeWraps has that covered. With a trimmed bottom edge and a pre-cut hole for the indicator light, you will have no problem monitoring battery life and putting the device on its charger at the first sight of a red light.

With so many benefits, slapping on this wrap is a no-brainer. From telling your Juul apart from others to added protection, this wonderful-looking HypeWrap will have you coming out on top. Losing your Juul when you puff and pass is a nightmare of the past with this 420 print Juul wrap.

Putting on a 420 print Juul wrap will make your device look dope without sacrificing any of the amazing features your favorite device has to offer.
Make your Juul stand out with HypeWraps!
Premium glossy finish vinyl Juul wraps that protect and make your device look unique!
  • Trimmed bottom edge for easy charging access
  • Glossy finish 
  • Easy application 

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