Backwoods-Suorin Skins Suorin Wraps
Backwoods-Suorin Skins Suorin Wraps


Suorin Compatible

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Switching over to vaping but still want that rolled style? With our Backwoods Suorin compatible Skin, you can keep your honeycomb style while enjoying the smooth puffs of your favorite ecig. If you’re always losing your ecig, or if you’re worried about your device getting scratched up, it’s time to check out our Suorin compatible skins. At HypeWraps, we offer a wide variety of skins to create your perfect custom ecig.

Our Suorin compatible skins are created from quality vinyl to perfectly protect your device. These skins won’t peel or fade, they’ll keep your favorite ecig protected with serious style! Our Backwoods Suorin compatible Wrap is a popular design that helps your ecig stand out from the rest. No more searching around for your ecig when you need it the most. With the Backwoods wrap, you’ll be able to find your device quickly. Looking for a wrap that offers unique style? Order your Backwoods Suorin compatible skin today!

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