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Suorin Compatible

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Off-White is the newest wave in the sea of the streetwear game. Made popular largely with help from fashion mogul and globally known musician Kanye West, Off-White is quickly becoming one of the most respected streetwear brands in the world. Team HypeWraps admires the hustle of creative designer Virgil Abloh, so we've brought a piece of his brand to ours with the Off-White Suorin compatible skin, exclusively from HypeWraps. 

HypeWraps is the originator of skins and wraps for a number of e-cigarettes. We're proud to offer an all-American product, printed on U.S vinyl in Sunny Miami, Florida. Show your colors with the Off-White Suorin compatible skin from HypeWraps. 

Make your device stand out with HypeWraps!

Premium glossy finish vinyl wraps that protect and make your device look unique!
  • Trimmed bottom edge for easy charging access
  • Glossy finish 
  • Easy application 


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