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Black Marble

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As the marvelous Henry Ford once said, “You can have it in any color you want. So long as it’s black.” Much like the Model-T cars, Juuls only comes in the color black as a standard edition. Here at HypeWraps, we welcome this invitation to innovation. Though the color black does have its own appeal, we like to give our clientele options. While paying our respects to the original concept, we’ve added our own touch of elegance. Now, you can purchase the exquisite Black Marble Juul skin to express your upper-class tastes... without dropping upper-class money! Don’t let the gaping eyes of fellow vapers deter you from making the right choice and get your Black Marble Juul skin today!

Traditionally, Juuls are effective, yet many are identical and rather boring. But this is news of the past - the outdated. Here at HypeWraps, we respect tradition, but we want to live in the present and carve pathways to the future. The only history that matters is the history we make today. Right here, right now. So you can purchase one or more of our refined Black Marble Juul skins and make history among you and your friends. Or you can continue screen shopping and be forgotten in a sea of memories. We guarantee that this chic design is sure to catch some attention from passersby. 

Here at HypeWraps, we keep the customer in mind. That’s why we made it so easy to buy them and to put them on. With a sticky, adhesive attribute to them, our HypeWraps are staying on your device no problem. We’ve added a perfectly trimmed edge for easy charging accessibility. Last but not least, the glossy, vinyl finish really adds a flare to your once uninteresting device. Puff because you want to - not only because you need to.

Make your Juul stand out with HypeWraps!
Premium glossy finish vinyl wraps that protect and make your Juul look unique!
  • Trimmed bottom edge for easy charging access
  • Glossy finish 
  • Easy application 

Our products and company are in no way directly affiliated with JUUL, nor licensed by JUUL.

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