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Blue Carbon Fiber

Juul Compatible

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Luxury, durability, and performance. Those are a few of the incredible qualities that Carbon fiber holds, and now HypeWraps is passing it on to your Juul. Love to go fast? Love your things to look sleek, unique, and professional? Our textured Blue carbon fiber Juul Wrap is just for you. Enjoy the feel of weaved carbon fiber, each and every time you puff on your Juul once you apply the textured Blue Carbon Fiber Juul Wrap. 

Our Juul skins are making a home out of your device with a sticky, adherent aspect to them. We’ve added a perfectly trimmed edge for easy charging accessibility. It comes with a pre-cut hole to show the LED light that indicates when it's time to charge. Last but not least, the textured vinyl finish really adds some pizzazz to your once uninteresting device. We keep the customer in mind here at HypeWraps. That’s why we made it so easy to buy them and to put them on.


Make your Juul stand out with HypeWraps!
Premium Textured finish vinyl Juul wraps that protect and make your Juul look unique!
  • Trimmed bottom edge for easy charging access
  • Textured finish 
  • Easy application 

Our products and company are in no way directly affiliated with JUUL, nor licensed by JUUL. 

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